5 Healthy Fast Food Meals under $5

by Justin Davis

For many Americans, there is always the temptation to fall prey to the inexpensive convenience of fast food. Especially when, ”you’re generally hungry, you’re pressed for time and you walk into this environment where everything is trying to make you eat and spend more money”, says Lisa Gosselin of Eating Well.  With most fast food chains, it is hard to really know what menu items are health. In the meantime, here are some fast-food tips and healthier picks at the top chains to help you get the healthiest bang for your buck:


Taco Bell:Order tacos “al fresco.” They’ll skip the cheese and sauce and give you a fresh tomato, onion and cilantro salsa on it, instead.Burger King: The Whopper Junior has 360 calories compared to the 670 calories and 40 grams of fat of the Regular Whopper.

Wendy’s: Opt for the small chili at just 210 calories. The sour cream and chives potato is a healthier option than their burgers.

Subway: Split a sandwich with a friend. Or if you go for the 6-inch veggie delight sandwich — with just 230 calories – have it all to yourself. It also costs less than $4.

McDonald’s: Rather than a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, choose the smaller honey mustard-flavored Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap. It’s just 250 calories and 8 grams of fat. Pair that with the snack size Fruit and Walnut Salad, and a bottle of water and you have a meal for less than $4.


[Courtesy: Farnoosh Torabi]

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