5 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Spending

by Justin Davis

grocery cart women poll lg 5 Tips to Cut Your Grocery Spending

Economic hardships and rising food prices are spurring people to find methods for saving money on their grocery bills while still purchasing the items they need. For many, a shopping trip is now a well-planned activity, no longer a time to just throw anything into the cart.

Follow these easy tips to get the most from your money at the grocery store.


1. Keep a Running List of Items You Need

Post a notepad on the refrigerator or other handy spot, keeping a list of items that are running low in the pantry or fridge. One of the most important aspects of disciplined shopping is knowing exactly what you need while resisting the temptation to buy items not on your list.

Not only does this make shopping quicker and less costly, it ensures that you are not doing multiple small shopping trips throughout the week, a waste of time and gas money.

2. Watch the Sales

Some people only buy certain products when they are on sale. Stores tend to rotate the same items through a cycle of on-sale, off-sale. Note the sale prices in you store ad, and don’t buy the product unless it is at or below this target price, whether at your regular store or another.

Stock up when the item you want is on sale so you have enough to last until the next time it is on special. Integrate watching sales with your running shopping list.

3. Practice Comparison Shopping

If you do a weekly shopping trip, visiting several stores on the same trip, keep separate lists for each store based on the latest sale ad for that store. It can be amazing how prices vary from one store to the next, so take advantage of this whenever possible.

Also, going from one store to another to find the best price may not save money if the stores are far apart, so resist the temptation if you think you will burn more gas than you will save on the groceries.

4. Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save, but only if they are for products you normally use. If you buy off-brand detergents, for example, using a coupon for a premium brand detergent may not be as cost effective as buying your regular brand.

One of the best ways to save money when using coupons is to use them while the product is already on sale — you get double savings doing this! Some stores have special online coupons, so go to your favorite store’s website and see if they have coupons to use in conjunction with your store discount card.

5. Pay with Cash

There is a psychological aspect to cash that doesn’t exist when using credit or even debit cards. It is simply harder to hand over your hard-earned cash than it is to swipe a piece of plastic. As odd as it might sound, this is actually one of the easiest ways to stay within your budget.


 Courtesy: Grace Pamer, Romantic Frugal Mom

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