Organize Your Grocery Shopping in 6 Ways

by Justin Davis

iStock 000003698229XSmall Organize Your Grocery Shopping in 6 Ways Going grocery shopping can be fun, but sometimes you just want to get in and get out, especially when you are busy. You can be as efficient as you want when grocery shopping.  Here are a couple of tips that will help you be more organized:

  • Lists: This might be a duh tip, but lists are always crucial. They can keep you from buying more than you need and can be as techie as a Google Docs to as versatile as your handy notepad friend. There are printable grocery lists online that let you check off which groceries you need, like the very detailed Ultimatest grocery list


  • Go the smartphone route and use apps: Experiment with grocery shopping apps and consider keeping a running list of groceries on an app like Ziplist, which lets you sync up with lists of other people on your phone for convenience. You can even use discount-seeking apps like Grocery Pal, which shows you what items are on sale, and coupon locator apps like Coupon Sherpa or Yowza!!. The coupon apps will display bar codes, which the cashier can scan to give you the discount.


  • Have a sense of ‘shopping-timing’:  Pick the right time to go grocery shopping, because you want to avoid going when there are crowds, as shopping and waiting in line for the cashier may take longer than usual. It’s also good to go before the supermarket rush because most items will be in stock; this will prevent you from having to go back if a certain item was not available. The best dates to shop may differ depending on the grocery store, so be sure to observe your supermarket and pick up the crowd patterns.


  • Find a local grocery emergency spot:  If you forget a few grocery essentials, make sure you have a backup plan if there isn’t a supermarket near you. This is so you don’t have to waste gas and make another trip. Consider alternatives such as a drugstore, dollar store, or retailers like Target.


  • Have a revolving list of meals. It’s good to have a couple of go-to meals, which makes it easier to grocery shop because you’ll be familiar with what you need. It’s also helpful to create a monthly or weekly meal plan so you can better anticipate your grocery needs. There are a couple of free menu planning templates available online — here’s a simple four-week menu planner I found on Simple Organized Living.


  • Organize your coupons. If you like everything neat and organized, it helps to keep your coupons neatly organized by purchasing a coupon organizer ($10). There are plenty of methods to organizing coupons, and you need to find one that works for you. Figure out if you want to sort the coupons alphabetically, by category, or by expiration date. Coupon Geek has a nice list of organizing methods you might want to try out. Better still, you can get access to online and printable coupons at and get easy access to online and print coupons all in one place.


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